My New Gotta-Have-It

In keeping with the topic of geocaching, I present my new Gotta-Have-It. First, a little back story. My Omnia has turned out to be a good geocaching tool. It does have one enormous drawback though…battery life! With the GPS active and one or more caching apps running I’ll be lucky to get more than two hours out of the battery. This has led me on a hunt to find a GPS unit that will give me the usability of my phone with a longer battery life. One of my favorite things about using my phone is the availability of Google Maps. I very quickly found out that looking at an aerial view of the surrounding area makes it very easy to see where I am in relation to the cache. So i definitely want the ability to view aerial maps in a GPS. The GPS I finally decided on, after much research, is the Delorme PN-40. From what I have read, the only downside to this unit is the small screen and a battery life that is on the lower end of acceptable ranges for a GPS unit. Neither of those things are an issue to me. The screen seems to be of adequate size to display what is needed. The battery life is rated at 14 hours, which is on the lower end for GPS units, but it is still way better than the battery life I am getting from my phone. It also takes AA batteries, which are a lot cheaper to buy than an extended life Omnia battery. I found this unit for $330 on Amazon. Now the hard part is to find the money. 🙂


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